Mercedes C63 AMG Wrap




There are a number of reasons why.    

 wrapping is a great alternative to paint.

  There are also huge benefits to wrapping        your commercial vehicle too.

Why ask Shore Wraps ?



With Shore Wraps having over 15 years experience in the Wrapping Trade and having applied Vinyl Wraps to almost any type of vehicle including Truck Wraps, Train Wraps, Car Wraps and Boat Wraps, we know how to get the best results.  There are now many companies offering Vinyl Wraps as a service who dont have the experience or training to be able to offer you a great service which will last. Many people have been put off wraps due to popping and peeling of  a wrap. These problems are down to in experience and not using the right materials.


Here at Shore Wraps we use only the best materials from market leaders such as Avery, 3M and Arlon.  We refuse to cut any corners to reduce prices.  If you want a quality job jone right first time, then get in touch via our Contact page to start the ball rolling. One of our Avery Accredited and 3M trained wrappers can talk you through the process and answer any questions you have before you proceed to wrap your car.


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Why Brand My Vehicles with a digitally printed Wrap?



If you think of your vehicle as a billboard space. Its something you already own and has valuable advertising space on it. Your business vehicle will be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers every day.  Not only will a digitally printed Wrap make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, it will also protect the paintwork of your vehicle underneath from minor scratches, salty roads, UV Bleaching.   With a digitally printed wrap, Shore Wraps can match to your corporate colours and you can therefore keep your brand consistant even on your vehicles.


If your vehicle is leased or you want to update your fleet, you can simply remove the wrap at the end of its life to unviel the paint as good as the day it was wrapped. This means that your vehicle will be far easier to sell and the re-sale value will be higher as the paintwork will be in such great condition.


With a wrap the downtime is minimal and it also means that if you happen to have a crash, we can replace only the panels you require quickly and often covered by your insurance company.


Benefits to Wrapping your car

5 - 10 years durability

Maintain the cars resale value

Non Permanent

Full Coverage

Paintwork protection

Countless option of colour and finish

Finishes paint cannot replicate

3 - 5 day install time

3 year warranty

Wrap vs Paint

Car Wraps are fast becomming a more cost and time effective way to colour you car, its worth looking at some of the benefits against painting the bodywork. A vinyl Wrap on your Pride and Joy sports car will not only look great, it will protect the original paintwork underneath from any UV bleaching from the sun, Scratches, minor stone chips.  This will help to retain the resale value of the car as you could strip the wrap and sell the car with the paintwork as good as the day it was fitted.  Wrapping your vehicle could take anything from 2 - 4 days which, in comparison to Paint is a percentage of the time. 

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