Paint Protection Film (PPF)

These are our 3 most popular packages but we can tailor the package to suit the protection coverage you require.


Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film is the worlds leading product in this market. Its clarity and depth of shine are unmatched. Using Llumar pre cut software takes out the need to cut on the vehicle as every kit is cut from pre existing, precision templated files designed specifically for you car.

The Main Benefits

  • Helps to keep cars looking cleaner, longer because it helps to prevent water and dirt from embedding into the surface of the film

  • Helps to protect your vehicle’s paint from gravel, stones, small rocks, salt, insects and other road debris

  • Self-Healing Protection against fine scratches and swirl marks

  • HydrogardTM technology for excellent stain resistance against dirt, oil, tar and bugs

  • Easy to maintain

  • High-gloss, virtually invisible film

  • 10-year Manufacturer’s limited warranty


There are many different levels of coverage when you are looking to have your vehicle protected with Paint Protection Film. We offer a wide range of options, from Basic | Standard | Ultimate and custom templated kits. PPF is a virtually invisible polyurathane film which is self healing against scratches and hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water and dirt.

We also provide Paint Protection Film kits for Motorbikes, covering the main areas against scratching from leathers, road debris and stone chips.


The price really all depends on the coverage you choose, a front bumper could be anything from £300 up to a full car at £4000 or a motorbike from £250. Get in touch using the form below for an estimate. For Many vehicles we will need to see the vehicle to price accurately.


Using the very latest template cut software, our certified installers computer cut the film for the required vehicle  using large format plotting machinery and can choose from a library of existing maximum coverage templates for your car.

Once cut, the vehicle is decontaminated in preparation for the film to be installed. The bodywork will be carefully cleaned and prepared for the application of the film and each section will be applied by hand using water and a slip solution to slide the film into position. Once the film is in place, the liquid underneath is squeezed out. Once complete your vehicle will be left with a virtually invisible film applied to protect your paint for up to 10 years.

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